The producers of tennis rackets in the Czech Republic
Czechoslovak manufacturers after the World War I. were not able to offer players a qualitatively equivalent to the products of remowned foreign brands. In Kolářské listy, Guild magazine, under which included sporting goods manufacturers, on their third issue from 1923 page 27 write about the status of the production of tennis rackets: the biggest difference (compared with foreign products-knowledge of the author), however, appears to be in remarkable results. The production of rackets, namely the English brands best, simply by taking the hand from our rackets. Although our manufacturers of these sporting articles are protected by the government so that, for example, if a trader asks about the admission of 100 rackets, must report for the ordered twice as many of our freelancers, yet only buy many foreign products at a price higher by up to 100%. It is just a single paragraph that Kolářské listy for their cerfew (1911-1935) the manufactured of tennis rackets, to pay. The rackets apparently produced many carpentery workshops, but mediocre quality.The situation changed with founding of the company Standard.

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