Kozeluh brothers -Antonin-Karel-Jan-Alois Karel Koželuh
The most famous member of Koželuh family and famous Czechoslovk athlete between the world wars, the entities responsible for our most popular sports – football, ice hockey and tennis in particular. The sport´s siblings received after the removal of the family at the Prague Letná, which at that time were football clubs Sparta and Slavia and where there were dozens of tennis courts accessible to the public. Here they are picking up balls for rich players and helping their mother in the cafeteria. Then they tried football and tennis after the departure of players. And because they lerned very quickly, they had a good level and became popular sparring partners.
The first Karel´s football club was SK Bubeneč Praha. He played football for Slavia Praha (short time) and Sparta Praha, with which he played Europian cups, Teplice to attend a successful trip to South America and the WAC Vienna, he also had several representational launching(for example against Italy at home 5:1).
Football and tennis were seasonal sports in 1920´s. In winter the Koželuh brothers were playing ice hockey. Of course, they played for Sparta. Karel with this team won 3 titles Master of Czechoslovakia. He attended with Sparta Spengler Cup in Switzerland, where he became a hero of the struggle against the Canadians from Oxford University, athough Sparta lost. Lost even with other Canadians London sLions. Other matches they won and took the third place. Karel´s ice-hockey career was the pinnacle of the domestic championship of Europe. Czechoslovakia gradually beat Austria 3:0, Belgium 6:0 and Switzerland in the final 1:0 and became a master of EuroKozeluh football player in Sparta Praha -1923pe without a single goal received. The winning goal to Swiss shot Karel Koželuh.
And we are coming to the brightest sporting career of Karel Koželuh – to tennis. His tennis career began at the age of 12 and the wonder of wonders as a coach. A rich man Mr Mercy chose him for his children for a monthly fee of 100 gold. In 1910 (in his 14 years) Karel has received an offer for the coaching job at the Berlin club Iphitos, initially for one season for a very lucrative terms. The family was a little scared, but karel had an intercessor in his deciding – a family friend president T.G. Masaryk. In Berlin eventually Karel lasted 3 years and in 1912 was replaced by another Koželuh – his brother Antonín.
The arcade at himself, Karel along with his brother Josef pointe dout at the tounament in Vienna, where they had beaten the best double pair Kinzel – Wesley 6:0,6:0,6:1!!! After this win they were invited to the tournaments in Germany, Poland and other countries. The greatest success achieved at the World Cup in Germany in Wiesbaden 1913. Josef was on 2. Place and Karel on 3. Place. In the 1. World war tennis wasn´t played and after the war Karel preffered football, although he conti nues to give tennis lessons. He finished his football career in 1925, an by the time he gave only tennis. In the spring he attended of exhibition in Vienna, where there watched the French tennis musketeers Lacoste, Borotra, Cochet, even the legendary Suzan Lenglen. Karel here smoothly beat the fourth French player Ferret and received an invitation to brothers -alois-jan-karel-josefthe World Cup of proffessionals in Deauville. TO the surprise of all Karel won the championship, defeating the double world champion Irish Burke. It began his kingship of proffessional tennis. His title he defend 6 times in line and got into the possession of two cups of Bristol Cup. He still won title of proffessional master of the USA in Forest Hills 3 times and once he triumphed on a proffessional championship of France in Rolland Garros.The legendary became his tour with the best amateur players after their transfer to the proffessionals. The first held in 1926 with Wimbledon finalist American H. O. Kinsey and Suzan Lenglen through england and Scotland. THe game went up to 15,000 spectators. It was the same , and later in the USA, where he was traveling and playing with a group of Big Bill Tilden. At the time of the World War II. They played free across the States and the proceeds given to wounded soldiers or survivors of the died soldiers. He continued his coaching career too. After the receiving his first world title, he coached the noble to Pfauberg castle , later in the US in the most prestigious clubs american rich (Ford, Woolworth) and politics(G. W. Bush).In 1926 He was the first foreign coach to AELTCC Wimbledon for 2 years, in 1930,1936 and 1937 he trained Davis Cup team USA (1937 DC win), 1948 and 1949´s coach Davis Cup team of Czechoslovakia. In 1935 he helps with training to our juniors – Čaška, Cejnar, Černik. It shoul be noted, that Karel Koželuh neve avoids confrontation with the best amateurs, and all whoKozeluh first time world master -1925 later transfered to the proffessionals, he had active match balance. With one exception – Bill Tilden. But even that he coul defeat him in the semi-finals of the US proffessional championship in 1937. To his sadness he failed before Prague audience, before which he wants to succeed. Amateur actor Tilden, on the other hand, was beaten in front of Holywood film stars Douglas Fairbanks, Greta Garbo or Charlie Chaplin by Karel Koželuh. But for example French musketeers shunned him as they could. Bad luck for our tennis was failure to allow reamaterisation Karel Koželuh and so he could not represented in the Davis Cup. What could be reinforcement turned out at the Prague exhibition with Davis Cup representatives of 1930. Karel Koželuh defeated Menzel 6:1,6:0, his brother Jan (our tennis number one) 6:0,6:0 and Josef Maleček 6:3. But our tennis AsKozeluh with S. Lenglensociation was more catholic than the Pope. By contrast the Frenchman Cochet was amateurized by his association and France won the Davis Cup 6 times in line. After the end of World War II., Karel Koželuh come back into the country at the request of Minister of Foreign THings Jan Masaryk, for introduce the systém of financing the sports following the example of the USA. Unfortunately, the government has already scrambled communists and so the whole thing away to nothing. Karel was employed in the Stavobet company and his sports store in Wenceslas Square was socialised. He died tragically in 1950 as a passenger in a car crash, when he returned home from business party, where abstained and he missed his last train.

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