Czech best tennis player 1940´s was born into a poor family in Prague´s Hradčany, where he had spent the first four years of his life. Then his father Julius got an offer to a jodrobny-wimbledon-1939b like an administrator of tennis courts in 1.CLTK with accommodation from his familiar from the army, initially for one year, but in the end he endured in Štvanice until his tragic death in 1951, for 27 years.
Little Jaroslav had tennis courts on the nose. First he picked up balls to rich players at the club, and later at international tournaments and exhibitions of tennis stars of that time – Tilden, Lacowsta, von Cramm or Karel Koželuh. In his five years, his father had carved from wood a bat and began to play with him, while at the same time teaching tennis with him. In 1928 there was arranged to chase the tournament of the balls gatherers. Jaroušek was soveignly the youngest of all, but everyone was surprised of his referral to the semifinals, and above all, the game cipied in the role of balls gatherer.
First time, he started in Junior Championship in Pardubice and when he was 15, he won it. From the time he played only to adults. The most commonly he practised with Laco Hecht, our tennis number 2 and before him with Europian player.In 1937 in a tournament in Tábor, he beat our tennis number one and world´s top ten player Roderich Menzel adrobny-hockey playernd another Davis Cup representative Josef Maleček. In 1938 he started for the first time at Wimbledon, his journey was sponsored by the firm BAŤA. He was out in the first round, but he gained valuable experience. He started here in 1939 too, and fell to the fourth round for injuries. During the war was tennis played very limited. Missin tennis equipment, particulary knit strings and balls. Still, at least limited played and Drobný full ten years for the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and later for the renewed Czechoslovakia was slaughtered.
His international tennis career was cut by the World War II. He could fully paid to his other sporting love – ice hockey. Tennis was at that time the seasonal sport and youth could devote winter pleasures. And the rink Jaroslav had also in the nose. In autumn his father gave out the tennis columns and with the first frost he sprayed on court beautiful ice on which first trained adults and right after they boarded youth. Even in this sport was small Drobný very handy. In 1935/36 he first drobny-1953time represented Czechoslovakia and is still the youngest player in history to ever put on representation senior jersey. In 1947 he became world champion in Prague and in 1948 he brought silver medal of the Winter Olympics in St. Moric. After his emigration in 1949, he got an offer from proffesional team NHL Boston Bruins. But he couldn´t play tennis, he never became a legend – the first Europian hockey player in NHL.
After the war in 1946, our small group of tennis players travelled to Wimbledon. Jaroslav Shocked his moving to semifinals here, but the firts victory over Jack Kramer, the world number one, an American, who didn´t know what was the war. The second time he shocked the tennis experts to finals International championship of France in Paris, where he lost good coming final 2:0 on the sets with Marcell Bernard. From this year, he collected alaurel for the second and a full ten years he was a member of the elite World dozens. After his victory in the Wimbledon 1954, expert sput him on post – World number one.drobny in Wimbledon 1954
He represented Czechoslovakia in Davis Cup only three years because of war and subsequen emigration. Even to , he brought us to the biggest success of his generation. In 1947 and 1948 we ende dat the third place i interzones finals,which was always a week after the final of the European Zone this competition, and on the American continent (Boston, Montreal) on an entirely fifferent surface and, for us, it was a clear disadvantage. The emigration was forced to emerging communist régime in July 1949 at the tournament in Swiss Gstad, where the situation around him and his DaVIS Cup teammate V. Černik escalate so much, they had us choice. He escaped with only one suitcase and 50 dollars in his pocket.
His emigration spun the carousel of travelling to tournaments, which slowed to almost five years after his marriage to British tennis player Rita Andersson. Tennis became the only source of his income and retail until emigration he had no idea that tennis can support through the year. In winter he played the tournaments in India, Africa or South America and from spring he travelled in Europe. The costs shoul be met by the organizers and his side was like an amDrobny Wimbledon Winner with Dutch of Kentateur only diet and material prices.
From Gstad he went on a tour of the USA, which had previously invitation, then he went on tour in Australia, where he was warmly welcomed and even thought about that, he settled there. On his way from Australia , he stopped at two tournaments in Egypt, where King Faruk offered him citizenship in the belief that he will play the Davis Cup for Egypt. Drobný took the citizenship, but he couldn´t play DC tor his new homeland, because it approved the International Tennis Federation.
In his tennis travel, he won at 120 tournaments, more than any of his rivals. And it wasn´t a small tournaments. Several times he won International championship of Italy in Rome, International Championship of Germany in Hamburk, or big tournament in Cairo (5x) and in Alexandria.
Even his balance at Grand Slam tournament is excellent, International Championship of France 1951, 1952 winner, 1946,1948,1950 finals, 1948 winner doubles and mix, Wimbdrobny-and-ken-rosewall-before- Wimbledon final-1954ledon -1954 winner, 1949 and 1952 finals, Australia -1950´s double finals. Unfortunately for us, the majority of the success he achieved as a citize of Egypt. Yet to his country still reported, for example, when the annual onset winner Internation Championshim of France, during the opening ceremony of the tournament he has always stood beneath the Czechoslovak flag. The comletely of the talks, and that Wimbledon attended a total four passports – 1938,1946-1949 Czechoslovak, 1938 The Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia , 1950 -1959 Egyptian and 1960 British. To his homeland´s first looked in 1986, but his beloved Štvanice wasn´t there, becouse there was a new stadium on its place, as we know it today. Home he returned regularly until his health allowed to him.

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