jan-kozeluhJAN KOŽELUH the youngest, and perhaps also the most talented member of the famous Koželuh siblings. He was alo one of the family, which has enabled reamaterisation and could therefore clash with the best amateurs and then start at the world´s biggest tournament. He represented Czechoslovakia in the Davis Cup in 1924-1930. His best match was a duel on home soil with France in 1926. In it he yielded after five sets battle to world´s number one Renne Lacoste. In doubles succumbled with Ladislav Žemla from two matchballs to world´s one, winners of Wimbledon and Rolland Garros, Lacoste and Brugnon. The greatest successes he achieved in the years 1926-1928. 1926 and 1927 he was in the quarter-finals of Wimbledon, 1927 and 1928 won the tournament on the French Riviera in Beaulie sur Mer, 1927 wins at the tournament in Gmunden, 1928 looses in the finals of the tournament in Rome with Australian Crawford. In that time is classified or experts into dozens the best players in the world. His game was based on the attack. The most common position on the court was right at the center, tennis players say on the cross. He had a great feeling for the ball , an excellent volley and halfvolley. One of the famous French musketeers, Henry Cochet, said that his game ahead of time for 20 years. Unfortunately, led too bohemian life, to which he needed more and more money. At a time when he matured in tennis and could start collecting titles on the most prestigious tournaments, he transferred to the professionals. In 1930 in his 26 years. After the war he had settled in the United States, in Delray Beach, where he trained. In 1968 he wanted permanently back to Czechoslovakia. He bought a villa in Šestajovice, but his advanced asthma and the arrival of Soviet troops in that prevented him. He died in 1973 in Florida in the USA.