Author with legend Milos Mecir at the opening of the Museum of tennis rackets in Bratislava (May 2016)

Dan Mikulička
By collecting old tennis rackets, balls and other items from the history of tennis, their sale, Exchange, pricing, he is active in more than 15 years. He is a president Golf and Tennis History Association z.s. . This association operates as these websites as a web oldgolf.cz (which is the only author Dan Mikulička and devoted to the history and collecting from the world of golf), which also operates a unique e-shop with historical golf and tennis items. Dan Mikulička is a member of Euro Tennis Collectors Group. Signyficantly he helped to build and open a Museum of tennis rackets in Bratislava like a supplier and curator. He cooperates with film productions, which adds historical sports equipment for filming. In these pages, he devotes to producers of tennis rackets from around the world and tennis collecting.


Ladislav Hrubý

The author with the owner of the Tennis Museum Igor Kucej (right) and the legend of Czech racket stringing Peter Jurosz (middle)

A tennis coach, the first Publisher of tennis books of Richard Schoenborn in Czech Republic. He has documented production of tennis facilities in Czech lands and currently he studies the history of tennis in Czech lands. His research he wanted to reincarnate into a book, which deals with the history of tennis to do more complete view than his predecessors, which he appreciates. The book shoul be edited at the end of the 2017 year. In these pages, he devotes to tennis history of Czech Republic and Czech manufacturers.