About membership
A member of oldtennis.cz can be anyone from around the world, who is interested in old tennis rackets, or other items related to the history of tennis. Membership entitles you to access a database on-line the tennis world, where they are still added more and more rackets from collectors from all over the world. Each member receives a password and login to view thousands of photographs may not only old but can simply add pictures from his own collection, and to contribute to the elaboration of this database.  The aim together create the larger on-line database collector´s tennis rackets in the world and its usefulness for collectors was discussed at the last annual meeting of Euro Tennis Collectors Group last year in Bratislava, which was arranged for the opening The Museum of Tennis Rackets.
In this format and scope of this database is only idealica.me/es/ one in the world. Membership is paid, but anyone who wants to become member is required to pay an annual fee that is used for administration and management of the database. Membership fee, the amount of the payment, idealica.me/pl/ the access data, contact me in info@oldtennis.cz . I believe that this will move all of us again on our hobby.

Current state database on 31.3.2020:
1588 different models from 222 manufacturers !
More than 5500 photos

Dan Mikulička
Author and President of Golf and Tennis History Association z.s.