Thonet advert c. 1930Welcome to the pages devoted to the old tennis rackets, balls, their producers in the world and in the Czech lands, tennis collecting, and also the Czech and Slovak tennis legends of the First Czechoslovak Republic.

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To create this pages, which are comprehensive web site devoted to the subject in the Czech and Slovak Republic, led us for two main reasons:

The first and most important is that our republic´s small size and population, but in tennis from the start until today we belong among the world leaders. We all know the current tennis players such as Berdych, Štěpánek, Kvitová or Šafářová, old-timers surely know Lendl, Navrátilová, Kodeš or Šmíd, but who knows Drobný, or Koželuh brothers or Menzel, Hecht etc.? Few people today have also remembered that already in the First Republic for us there were several producers of tennis rockets. The old-timers, however, quickly fading, documents, articles and literature has been published a few and i tis very difficult to find it in the archives. Therefore on these pages we will try to maintain this history for the future generation.

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The second, and equally important is the reason that not only in the world, where´s the collecting in particular the old wooden tennis rackets, balls, widespread trophies for decades, and for us there are a large number of people who deal with collecting old tennis rockets. The old tennis racket or ball in such as of the beginning of the last century are already antiques like any other and their prices are rising from year to year. There is, however, a few collectors´literature in the world, this was published only in limited cost and now i tis impossible to get it. Therefore, on these pages, we will try to help the Czech and Slovak collectors in their beautiful hobby.

Dan Mikulička author

President of Golf & Tennis Collectors Association Czech Republic

Member of Euro Tennis Collectors Group

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